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Fic - I'll follow you (into the dark)

I'll follow you (into the dark)

: FullMetal Alchemist
Series: manga / Brotherhood
Word Count: 451
Rating: PG - 13
Characters: Roy, Ishvalans, Riza appearance
Summary: How many times can a man be broken ?
Warnings: I don't really know what happened there, my apologizes !
Author's Notes: Written for the fma_fic_contest, prompt 108 : Stoic 
Lyrics by Death Cab For Cutie (despise all its royai content, I felt like it could apply to other relationship).

In the Academy, he involuntary heard a veteran telling the young, brand new and naïve soldiers they had to forget about their hearts when going to war. At that time, Roy thought the metaphor was a bit excessive.
Then he was sent to Ishval.

He not only forgot about his heart, but his brain, his guts, and everything that made him human. The only connection left in him was the one linking his eyes and right arm - aim for the target and snap, do not smell, do not hear, do not think. Eating became an automatism, speaking an obligation, life a tragic routine.
He was spacing out too often for his own good : on an afternoon cooler than usual, he didn't check an area and their party was assaulted. Charlie - as he would know later - pushed him towards the first door in sight, which gave away under Roy's weight. The young major hold up, slowly recovering his senses, even if the lullaby he was hearing had to be an hallucination. He turned his head and realized he really was in a living nightmare.
The woman was leaning over her baby's cradle, keeping on singing despite her red eyes focused on the intruder. Outside, the fight was moving away - as well as the noises - but they both knew who would win, and Roy had the awful sensation she was perfectly conscious she'd never get out this room again. She ended the verse, assured herself the baby was fine, and finally faced Roy with a surreal calm.
"Whatever you're going to do, she'll wake up. I don't want her to go through this, so please, take care of her first so she'll never quit her sweeter dreams…"
Her voice had never faltered - her resolution was made, she would stay steady and fierce, for her daughter, for her husband killed three days ago, for her people.
It seemed like Roy's heart had came back just in time to be crushed again.
"Why didn't you run away ?" he whispered.
"She's sick. Who would let their child alone in times like this?"
She brushed her daughter's face, to feel her warmth one last time.
"I… can't do that."
The woman looked at him straight in the eyes. "You will".
She sat down again and started another verse, now barely acknowledging his presence.
The time for sleep is now

It's nothing to cry about 

'Cause we'll hold each other soon 

In the blackest of rooms

Weeks later, Hawkeye is in his office, definitely enlisting. Straight in her new uniform, she claims using guns helps her not to feel the death of the people she kills.
They both know it's a lie.

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