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Fic - Five Drabbles

The following self-called drabbles (I can't get to the right count in English...) were written for evil_little_dog  who placed a bid on my offer for help_nz . Many thanks again for your patience, and your prompts were a pleasure to write !

Fandom: FullMetal Alchemist
Series: manga / Brotherhood
Rating: G

Prompt 1 : Edward/Winry, cooking
"Maybe I could…"
"No. I don't know how your… stuff works, and, I don't know, maybe it could contaminate the food !"
Winry waved her hands to clarify her point of view which was, of course, very efficient.
"I'm not going to transmute it into another thing, it's just, well, presentation. It would be faster and you wouldn't have to do so many chores."
"I may actually like manual work, you know."
He rolled his eyes. "As you want. But one day you'll recognize alchemy is more useful than you think."
She was going back to her vegetables chopping but paused.
"What if is someday you couldn't use it anymore ?"
Edward laughed, taking the knife from her hand to help her. "It won't happen."
"Hypothetically speaking, then."
"I won't go crying over your shoulder, if that's what you mean."
She glared at him."Out of the kitchen. Now."
In the living room, Pinako sighed, guessing they would have a late dinner.

Prompt 2 : Lin, emperor to be
Everyone had to come to the newborn presentation as the seventeenth princess of Xing, in a twisted way to remind the concubines their child had concurrence. She was one of them, ready to fight to death so her boy would access the throne, whatever sacrifice was needed. She was confident: he might not be the strongest or the more influent, but Lin was a wise child, and herself was a long time player in that game - she would give him every advice she had.
"When I'll be emperor, I'll allow myself not to wear that shoes anymore. They're awful", he grimaced, loud enough for a dozen of councilors to hear.
His mother was mortified, though Fu wished his mask covered his mouth so he could smile properly.

Prompt 3 : Elicia, helping out
Mom is not well since Dad's gone - and, since she understood he was never coming back, she wished her mother could get better. The problem is that it was always Dad cheering up Mom when she needed it - and reciprocally - so she doesn't know how that adults' stuff works. Seated in her bed, Elicia thinks in the early sunrise.
"I was going to prepare breakfast like Dad do—did, but it didn't go as I wanted", she pouts.
Actually the kitchen is a mess and Gracia is sure something exploded.
"It's perfect, Darling, thank you very much."
Her mother smiles - the real smile, the one Elicia hasn't seen for days - and the little girl beams, proud of herself.

Prompt 4 : anyone from Rush Valley and Winry, repairs
Rush Valley newspapers mostly talk about automails (who won March contest, which workshop is missing an apprentice), not often about politics (their city is out of time, almost independent : whoever holds the reins, they only wish to keep their jobs), and articles about psychology and stuff are such funny exceptions that Paninya is delighted each time she spots one.
However this time, when she sits near Winry who is ending her maintenance on a boy's right leg, it's not as diverting as usual. She's used to writers stating the obvious, not a woman like this self-called journalist claiming that people with medical and paramedical professions are only repairing people to help themselves and express their need of invading personal spaces.
Paninya looks upwards. Her friend is congratulating the boy for being brave, one of her brightest smiles on her lips and genuine pride on her eyes.
She sighs and tosses the newspaper away.

"Is there something wrong ?", Winry asks, tidying her workbench.
"Nothing interesting in there. And no, there's nothing about a certain small alchemist."
Winry pretends not to care and welcomes her next patient.

Prompt 5 : Resembool trio, time
They learn at school time is invariable. It is supposed to flow straight, a continuous and inflexible stream.
The boys would not like it, but Winry is the first to discover the definition is not that restrictive. With her parents gone, and despise all Den's efforts, she can't help waiting for the night to come when her work is done, because afternoons are now so long and empty that sleep is a relief.
It gets worse when she is told they'll never come back.
Edward and Alphonse just guess it : Mom often forgets the world for a while when she starts staring (waiting) at the road leading to the house. They realize time can go really fast when Trisha gets sick and happy moments drift away, however they are powerless to make it stop and it's already too late.
They never share their own conclusions - they may be friends but Winry is a girl, Ed and Al are boys, and that's enough not to tell each other everything
They'll never admit either that time goes the perfect way whenever they're together.

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